TaCTiCC: Phase II Trial

Patient recruitment is now underway by clinical colleagues in Velindre Hospital for our study based in the Clinical Research Facility at the University Hospital of Wales.


Our lab has a diverse skill and knowledge base that covers many areas of immunology. We study the activation, regulation and control of adaptive immune responses with a specialist interest in the role of lymphocytes in cancer.

Cutting-Edge Laboratories

We have excellent labs for molecular and cellular research, and a full range of imaging microscopy (including a ZEISS Axio Observer.Z1 Microscope) and flow cytometry, including 18 channel BD FACS Aria and BD LSR Fortessa. The university Central Biological Services (CBS) provides a range of core facilities including proteomics, sequencing, biophysics e.g. surface plasmon resonance, flow cytometry, PCR etc.
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